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Colour Polaroid collaged portrait

quotes on my work from Instagram

Sort of gross but I can't stop lookin' - Oneinstaxaday

That's a mad one - cheezygrinon

I've never seen anything like this - rhphotosanctuary

I really like this but I don't know why - johnbehets

Juicy - suzannesteelart

Could you explain it please? - spikeymousephotography

And there's someone who buys these? - FranticFrancesco

I am an experimental photographer working with both analogue and digital mediums. Through my work I’m looking to find a balance between chance and control, and between; construction and destruction, signal and noise and ultimately, life and death. I embrace the accidents and errors as they not only remind us how vulnerable and delicate we are, they can often show us something new. It is at the point of breakdown that the medium begins to reveal itself. Through glitches and mistakes we get to see the base elements, the very construction of the material that creates those illusions of reality, the apparatus of photography itself.

For me, the click of the camera marks the beginning of the process. Often that initial image is just an inkling of an idea, a feeling that it may be interesting. This then needs further work to tease out, to chip away at, until I can get to the essence of what it is. This process is a time of experimentation and of trying to find the correct expression of that initial idea. I may have many versions, before choosing the image that best satisfies this.

As a child, much to the annoyance of my family, I was always taking things like record players and radios apart to see how they work. More often than not I would get an electric shock and often things wouldn't go back together quite right. However, this habit of pulling things apart has continued into my photography. Never happy with the preferred way of making images, I enjoy tinkering below the surface to see what lies beneath.

Punk was a big influence on me. Not just the music but the attitude, the DIY approach of just getting on with it, expressing yourself. I loved the stripped-down music, the freedom in just three chords. I find myself taking this approach to my images - stripping away the unnecessary, reaching out for a visceral response. I'm looking for the visual equivalent of that 2 minutes and 12 seconds of honed perfection that is the Ramones blasting out Blitzkreig Bop.



1. All photography is a lie

Anything that suggests that you are looking as if through a window onto the world is a lie. What you see, is what you get. All photography is a surface - nothing more, nothing less. The only thing that is real is the photograph itself -  the piece of paper in your hand or the electronic ones and zeros in your computer.


2. Technology hinders rather than helps

​Analogue technologies typically reveal something of the medium at the point of their use. The light pop or scratch as the stylus hits the vinyl, or the loading of 35mm film into a camera and the subsequent manual winding on to advance the film frames. This can be contrasted to the invisible workings of a digital device. A swipe of an index finger sets into motion a series of complex and unknowable events. Every week sees a new phone or a new camera that lays claim to the most pixels, the best image quality etc. But to what ends? Technology does not bring us closer to truth, it hides behind its black mirror and it obscures how the world really works. 



CuratorSpace Artist Bursary 2021

Muse Gallery Residency 2017

National Disability Arts Collection & Archive Research & Development Award 2017


Reclaim the Streets - Super 8 film

Screened at: Portobello Film Festival 2019/

Soundstripes 5 2021


Mark Tamer in Conversation with IMA:

Are there too many images in the world? 2019


Solo Exhibition


This Is It - Muse Gallery, Portobello Road, London, UK

Recent Exhibitions


         Memories & Mementos II, WWW Gallery, London


TASC at Hand 2022, Muse Gallery, Portobello Road
, London, UK

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays, online

Shape Arts Annual Open, online 

Qube Open Art Competition,  Qube, Oswestry



Hot Sheet, The Department Store, Brixton
, UK

No Frost at Night, Babylon Gallery, Ely, UK


Cluster Photography & Print, Ugly Duck’s warehouse, London Bridge, UK


Shape Arts Annual Open, Bow Arts, London, UK


London Ultra, Oxo Tower Barge House, London, UK

The Other Art Fair, London
, UK

Muse Gallery Artist in Residence show - Portobello Road, London
, UK

Fringe Arts Bath Festival - live


MA Photography Degree Show - LCC, Elephant and Castle
, London, UK

Making It Real, - Ugly Duck, London
, UK

AIR Competition Finalist - Muse Gallery, Portobello Road
, London, UK

Revolv Collective: Archives as Medium, live creation of zine, Four Corners Gallery, London, UK

Interim Show, LCC, Elephant and Castle
, London, UK

CTRL, Spitalfields Studios, Whitechapel, London, UK


Six month residency at The Muse Gallery, London, UK


Artist in residence working with Shape Arts at the Liberty Festival, London, UK

Hestercombe House, artist residential 


Three day residency at the Shape Gallery, Westfield, Stratford 


Artist in Residence, Malorees Infant School - Arts Week



London College of Communication, MA Photography, 2016 – 2017

London College of Printing. BA (HONS) Film and Video: 2:1,  1990 – 1993 

BTEC Design Communications: Distinction , 1987 – 1989

Lowestoft College, Graphics, photography, video, sound recording and theory.

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