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Playing for Time

Memories combine to create new, fictitious landscapes. The past still resonates, these distant landscapes colliding with the present.

The project began when I bought what I thought was an unused film from a charity shop and put it through my camera. On developing, I found my images on top of a long-ago taken family trip - two timelines, decades apart compressed into one, setting up an interesting dialogue between the two.

Since then I’ve acquired other used films and have begun shooting my images in a one-sided collaboration with other unknown photographers. The results will vary from the blackness of a ruined film to some nicely exposed images, throwing up interesting combinations. I love the thought of a photograph taken in the 1970s lying in the slumber of its latent state, finally awakening to find an unlikely bedfellow from the 2020s.


selected images from the series.

0123_DExp1_59 copy.jpg
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